Starter Repair DIY is a good way to save money

Starter repair is a necessary technological operation, which is caused by the inability to start the engine from the ignition key. Before the start repair of starter motor you need to dismantle it.

A starter motor is an element of a car’s starting system, without which it is impossible to start an engine. It is this element provides starting the engine, by rotating the crankshaft. A car`s starter consists of the main following elements:

Starter Construction

Pushing relay – serves to synchronize the operation of the starter.

When the driver turns the ignition key the current go to relay and so the electromagnetic field is created. Then the starter`s small pinion gear is connecting to the large gear of flywheel. The current moves to starter winding.

Starter armature – element of a starter which provides the starter`s small pinion gear rotation (Bendix). When the engine has been running, the armature returns to its original position with the help of a return spring and opens the contacts.

Brushes and brush holders – supply voltage to the armature plates. They also increase an engine power.

Repair of starter is considered a difficult process, because it is located in an inconvenient place – under the engine.

How to find the starter motor location under the hood?

How to find the starter motor

Starter removal:

  1. Disconnect all battery terminals;
  2. Unscrew the electric cables that conduct the current from the studs of the solenoid relay and from the terminals on the starter motor;
  3. Remove the engine cover;
  4. Tighten the lower and upper nuts securing the starter to the engine compartment;
  5. Remove the starter.

During the dismantling of the starter, you need remembering or recording the sequence of all operations. This note will help not to get confused with the back installation of the starter on the car.

Starter repair, as a rule, comes down to replacing its individual elements.

The most common starter malfunctions:

Starter Repair DIY
Starter Repair DIY

Starter`s pushing relay malfunction. The bendix gear will not be fed to engage the flywheel gear wheel.

Wear of graphite brushes – graphite brushes over time try and there is a need to replace them.

Starter bearings are worn. You can diagnose this problem by strong vibrations and destruction of the remaining parts of the starter mechanism, although the starter will to work.

If the retractor relay does not work, it will need to be replacement.

When the starter is operating with the biggest load falls on the teeth of the bendix gear, which are in engagement with the teeth of the flywheel. Therefore, after several years of operation of the car, these teeth simply wear out and become the reason that the engine cannot be started or it starts irregularly.

Such a problem can only be solved by completely replacing the gears of the bendix or the gear crown of the flywheel.

At the first suspicion of a starter malfunction, the starter should be repaired, since without this element you can just stop somewhere off the beaten path and getting out yourself will be extremely difficult.

If you can`t the repair of the starter with your own hands because it seems difficult for you, contact the repair shop. Car Starter Repair Cost

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