Electric Car Repair

Electric Car Repair

Before visit service center it will be good to know the Fair Price for Your Electric Car Repair. The trust way to avoid EV repair rip-offs is to be prepared. Using the very latest technologies to malfunction and repair EV`s is the main step of good EV service center. There are next kinds of EV repair: generator repair or batteries and inverters / converters repair of your electric vehicle.

Battery repair

  • Test and verification of the battery.
  • Repair or replacement of modules or damaged cells, if it needs.
  • Battery Assembly.
  • Finally battery test and verification.
  • Restore battery charge capacity.

What is the cost of replacing electric car batteries?

When should you replace an electric car’s battery? An electric car needs to traction battery replace when it won’t go far enough to meet your needs.

Traction Motor Repair or Generator Repair

  • First Check breakdown.
  • Tests of the low voltage & high voltage coil.
  • Motor repair – by the rewind method.
  • Motor feedback regulation.
  • Assembly.
  • Finally test and verification of the traction motor or generator.

Repair of the Inverter / Converter in EV – HEV

Repair of the Inverter / Converter in EV
  • Firstly HV components review.
  • Secondary components review.
  • Inverter / converter repair.
  • Assembly.
  • Finally tests and verification.

The electric car is a wonderful vehicle which used battery for moving. Battery has powering your vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Modern electric cars are also referred to as EV;

Signs Your EV is Failing

Being such a huge component of any vehicle, the battery makes it very obvious when there is trouble. Here are a few signs you should watch for, if you’re wondering whether your EV needs repair. The choosing of EV repair service center is very important step for everyone driver, because only experienced mechanic say you about all nuances and EV problems.

Signs EV Battery Failing

  • Decreased MPG
  • State of Charge
  • Unexplained Drop in Battery Bars

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