How does electric car work? Electric vehicle runs on electricity, so it emits no exhaust from a tailpipe.

Electric car construction for kids


  1. Battery;
  2. Charge port; 
  3. DC/DC Convertor;
  4. Electric traction motor;
  5. Onboard charger;
  6. Power electronics controller;
  7. Thermal system;
  8. Traction battery pack;
  9. Transmission.
Charging station or Wall outlet for electric car

Electric vehicle have an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. The electric vehicle uses a large battery pack to power the electric motor.

Charging station or wall outlet provides charging of the large traction battery. The proliferation of electric cars is a little difficult, because charging station were not beeing built everywhere. But I think this time will come when this initiative will become a reality.


Okay, let`s go to learn main components of electric car, how an electric cars works and we`ll know answer the question: Why electric cars more better usually cars with internal combustion engine? We can learn more about electric vehicle construction and technology.

You can see the Battery (all-electric auxiliary) shown at the picture. The main purpose of the auxiliary battery is providing electricity to power vehicle accessories in an electric vehicle.

Electric Traction motor

Every electric car has got own Charge Port, that allows the vehicle to connect to an external power supply in order to charge the traction battery pack. You can see the Charge Port shown at the picture too.

Vehicle accessories work need a low-voltage DC power, so electric car has mounted DC/DC converter. It`s nessasary Because device provides normal vehicle accessories work and recharge the auxiliary battery.

Electric traction motor drives the electric vehicle’s wheels with using power from the traction battery pack.

Onboard charger converts AC electricity to DC power for the traction battery charging. Also It has control function of main battery characteristics such as voltage, temperature, current, and state of charge while charging the pack.

Power electronics controller manages the flow of electrical energy delivered by the traction battery. Also it controlling the speed of the electric traction motor and the torque it produces.

Traction bettery

Cooling system (thermal system) maintains a proper operating temperature range of the electric motor, power electronics, and other components.

Traction battery pack provides stores electricity for use by the electric traction motor.

Electric transmission transfers mechanical power from the electric traction motor to the drive wheels.