What is the cost of replacing electric car batteries?

replacing Tesla Battery

I want to discuss a question I know that is been pressing on many car buyers. Maybe that’s because they are going choose between cars on the internal combustion engine and electric cars. Good question.

What is the cost of replacing Nissan Leaf Battery?

For example, the 40 kWh Nissan Leaf battery costs nearby $5,000 to replace. Replacing Nissan Leaf Battery can be 3 h along. It`s $137 per kWh for just the battery.

What is the cost of replacing Tesla Battery?

Tesla is producing their Li-ion batteries costs nearby $10000 (at $125/kWh). So Tesla battery has the 8 year warranty. Well, you haven’t to think about it now. You have a warranty for a lot of time.

It is difficult to find any information on the cost of replacing a Tesla battery, because they are all still under warranty. Most EV manufacturers usually guarantee at 70% of nominal battery capacity for 8 years or 100,000 miles.

The great news is that the longevity of Tesla batteries is quite long. Many buyers` reviews show that the charge capacity of a Model S battery is statistically maintained above 90% after 160,000 miles. The most popular Tesla Model 3 has such batteries durability too.  After 160,000 driving miles, the savings in fuel costs will more than cover the cost of a new battery. And, so when the battery is replaced, the electric car is good for another 160,000 miles. However, you should understand that all Tesla out of warranty repairs are quite expensive.

If you have change Toyota Prius Battery DIY it will be cost near $1500.

Battery Replacing Cost

Battery Replacing Cost

We expect these cost to go down as more and more cars reach the carmarket.

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