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An Electric truck is an electric vehicle specialized to deliver large cargo. The main difference from the usual truck is powered by batteries.  We are going to discuss information about trucks using a combination of internal combustion engines and electric propulsion, Hybrid electric trucks and All-electric trucks.

Trucks have been in different application areas for a long time. Automotive industry is changing every time so today we are witnesses how the new trucks birth – Electric trucks

Traditional truck or Electric truck
Traditional truck or Electric truck

We have known, that electric cars have been becoming more popular last decades.

It has become clear, that Electric Vehicle will be indisputable “King of roads”.

Development the new lithium ion batteries has enabled the range of electric trucks to increase to several hundred miles, making them of much wider applicability.

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Electric trucks have own advantages:

  • Creating no local pollution;
  • Lower running costs;
  • The cost per miles for electric trucks fell.

Traditional truck or Electric truck

Some drivers have choosing traditional truck instead electric truck. Why? We have seeing obvious advantages of Electric Vehicle. We can explain it those fact that cargo transportation on Electric Cars requires more long time, because it should be recharged en route. It can be a reason the cargo delay of supplies.

Electric Truck Anatomy
Electric Truck Anatomy

In 2020, the first series production of electric heavy-duty lorries is expected to begin with notably Renault, Volvo and MAN.

Hybrid Electric Truck

Hybrid Electric truck is a vehicle that powered from engine and hybrid technology. The Electric Truck`s purpose is large cargo transportation. According to a report from Truck Research, the global market for hybrid medium- and heavy-duty trucks are constantly increasing. Last years have shown many leading automotive companies are thinking about all-electric trucks creation.

We are forecasting that electric trucks will be sold worldwide, and will have become popular in different areas like as cargo transportation business, milk transportation or garbage collection. City Councils will have decided to use electric trucks for own purposes in 3-5 years. Electric trucks are more efficiency, because they have the benefit of not polluting underground and can recharges the batteries due to regenerative braking. Some companies (Coca-Cola Enterprises, UPS and other) implement new electric fleet vehicles already now. It is important to go always the progress. These changing can help to achieve significant financial savings.

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