Camshaft construction

Camshaft construction

Camshaft in car engine

The camshaft is a shaft with a series of cam lobes along its centerline in various positions. The camshaft and crankshaft rotate at different speeds e.g. the crankshaft turns at exactly twice the speed of the camshaft in four-cycle internal combustion engines.

Understanding How Camshaft Works

The main purpose of camshaft is transmits move from crankshaft to valves through camshaft cams.  It is provides by opening and closing of inlet and outlet valves. Cams provide opening and closing of inlet and outlet valves in time. The appropriate cams position of camshaft provides necessary sequence of opening valves.  A main element of a camshaft mechanism is a cam, an associated element is a pulley or a tappet A cam is fastened on a shaft or forms an integral part of it.

Cams used in
Cams is used in control valves of a combustion engine

Camshafts can be produce out of carbon steel or chilled iron castings. Produce of Billet Steel requirement CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and CNC camshaft grinders will be used during production.

There are some types of camshafts can be used in high-performance engines with surface hardness near 60 HRC. These camshafts will be heat treated via gas nitriding that do the change the micro-structure of the material. Also you can see camshaft construction on the picture shown below.

Camshaft construction

If you need to know How does cam mechanism work, please read some information about it works in the next part of website. Also I want to you see kinds of camshaft mechanisms:

Kinds of cams

This scheme helps you to study the elements of a cam lobe and it all begins to make sense what they do.

Cam construction

Camshaft have to include friction reduction and efficiency. If you want sleep better spend the money up front to buy one piece durability pushrods.

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