Dependent suspension construction

Dependent suspension

Suspension provides light and softer the car moves and also protects the vehicle itself. This article is about dependent suspension construction of a car. The movement of one wheel depends on the movement of the other wheel of dependent suspension. There is no such allows in the independent suspension.

Dependent suspension has applies on truck vehicles and cars. In this case the front axle suspended from the frame side members by two leaf springs 2 with spring brackets and spring shackles 5.  Resilient elements for this suspension system are use longitudinal semi-elliptical springs that
assembled from curved steel sheets of different lengths (the higher leaf, it is longer). The most common elastic element suspension car is leaf spring. Leaf springs is very important as it directly affects to gain a softer suspension. Leaf springs softens shocks and blows acting on the wheels from the bumps in the road.

Dependent suspension construction 

Dependent suspension construction

Dependent Suspension scheme: 1 – spring bracket; 2 – leaf spring; 3 – spring buckle; 4 – beam of the front bridge; 5 – spring shackle; 6 – U-bolt.

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  1. Tyler Johnson says:

    That’s good to know that if one wheel moves that the other will as well. I would think that would help balance out some of the force that is impacted on the car. Hopefully having the wheels connected with a good suspension could help make for a smoother ride in your car.

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