How long to Warm Up Your Car in Winter

The old knowledge of warming up your car`s engine in winter before drive away could be doing more harm than good. Let`s know why warming up your car before drive isn’t a good. Many drivers mean that warm up the engine before drive is intended to be good for the lifetime of your engine. In addition, warm up the car is the best one chose to fighting the absurd cold when it’s frigid outside the car.

Many automotive experts advises not warm up your car in winter

But it`s Wrong!

Warming up your car in winter before driving it is one of the terrible drivers` habit, which can be reason for engine damage. Many mechanics say that driving your car right away is the fastest way to warm up car`s engine. Moreover, answering the question on whether you should warm up your car – such advise can help you lengthen the life of your engine.

It has to do with how modern internal combustion engine works. When you letting your car sit to warm up, the extra fuel is putting into the combustion chamber and then putting onto your cylinder walls. The gasoline solvents the oil that lubricates engine`s cylinders. It is reason leading to shorter life on engine`s components.

The warm up of engine by driving will be better than warm up by Idling.

Why Do some People Warm Up Their Car by Idling?

According to many drivers this practices comes from the use of cars equipped carburetors. Carburetor fuel system is requiring warming up beforehand engine before driving. But this old practice is not working in new cars. It will be better if you start with an easy drive. Maybe it is the best way to warm up car in winter. It will help to warm your engine faster and so your engine will have a long life.

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