Engine difficult to start

Causes of hard starting engine. There are several main reasons for a difficult engine start. Firstly, if the car is idle for a long time, it can be reason condensation on spark plugs. Secondly, it is necessary to check the distributor cover, high voltage wires and their terminals. Moisture may also form on them.

Engine difficult to start

Car electrical system problems

  • The fuse may have blown.
  • It is necessary to check the ground contact from the engine to the body
  • Broken start circuit wires
  • Malfunction of the ignition switch
  • The battery terminals are loose. Battery damage or discharge
  • Failure of the anti-theft system
  • Damage to starter gear, traction relay

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Fuel system problems

  • solenoid valve malfunction
  • the air damper is not covered, and as a result, a poor mixture
  • rich mixture when the engine is hot – air damper is covered
  • empty fuel tank
  • clogged fuel filter, pipes or tank ventilation
  • malfunction of the fuel pump
  • water in fuel
  • stuck air damper.
  • carburetor not adjusted
  • contamination of carburetor nozzles or injection nozzles

Ignition system trouble

  • oiling the spark plugs or the spark plugs are filled with fuel
  • incorrect gap between the electrodes of the candle
  • malfunction of spark plugs, cracks in insulators
  • soot on candles
  • the ignition switch is out of order
  • Damage to wire insulation
  • the wrong order of connecting high voltage wires – incorrect ignition timing

Contact ignition system

  • incorrect gap between the breaker contacts
  • the ignition timing is not set correctly
  • the breaker contacts have oxidized or burned
  • the primary winding of the ignition coil is damaged wear of contact coal.

Contactless ignition system

  • wire break
  • failure of the proximity sensor
  • malfunction of the switch
  • wear of contact coal
  • current leakage through cracks
  • soot and moisture on the ignition distributor cover (inside)

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