How does change manual transmission fluid Skoda Fabia

change manual transmission fluid Skoda Fabia

Сhange manual transmission fluid Skoda Fabia DIY

How does change manual transmission fluid Skoda Fabia

There is no strict schedule for changing the fluid in a manual gearbox for Skoda Fabia. If you read the manual about transmission fluid change from manufacturer Skoda, you will know that gearbox fluid is filled for the entire service life of the car. But you need control the transmission fluid level every 30000km run in the gearbox. And that’s enough.

So we haven`t got accurate answer the question we should understand and we are going find some information about transmission fluid changing DIY on the forums.

When we were going by the internet we understood that transmission liquid Skoda Fabia should be changed after 100 thousand kilometers. In order to take this result we drained transmission liquid and checked oil color. Transmission liquid was a bit dark, but it didn`t horror. It is my own recommendation and you can argue with me but I sure that this advice will help you do gearbox life more long.

Spare parts for transmission fluid changing

The manufacturer recommends use oil into a manual gearbox with class and viscosity according to API GL-4 75W-90. The required amount of oil – 1.7 liters (if saying about my case, is enough and 1.5 liters of transmission liquid), so you will have to buy two liter transmission liquid.

These tools we need for change the transmission liquid

In order to change transmission liquid in the gearbox, you need the following tool: a socket wrench 13, screwdriver T25, a cap wrench 17, a high nut (25–30mm) for a wrench 17, a container for collecting oil and special syringe for pouring oil in gearbox. This syringe can be uses for self-refilling transmission fluid of gearbox. If you are going to change the fluid in the gearbox it will be better do it on a viewing pit, a lift or an overpass.

Transmission fluid change procedure for the Skoda Fabia:

A first you need removes a motor protection. Use the key 13 and the T25 screwdriver for it. After this you need find the control and drain ports on the gearbox. The fill plug is on the gearbox on the right-hand drive side. We use this hole for control fluid level in manual transmission Skoda Fabia.

The drain plug is at the bottom of the box on the left-hand drive side.

Then we need unscrew the filler and drain plugs of the gearbox.

After this drain the oil into a container prepared in advance.

After transmission fluid drains, tight the drain plug with a force of 30 Nm.

Take the syringe and use it to pour oil into the gearbox. Fill until such time as the oil flows from the hole. At the end twist the cork and put the protection of the engine compartment on the place.

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