How to Check the Oil Level in the Engine

Checking the oil level in the engine is very important procedure. It need to do regularly. Low-level engine oil can be the reason damage the engine. It would be a good habit to check the engine oil level before every drive.

You can ask – why do this? At all, an oil pressure sensor will signaled this. I cover the answer, because it is really importance. Low oil level leads to defects formation on the engine` parts. Please do this, if you don`t want to do engine overhaul

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Every young driver interests some questions: How to determine the oil level in the engine? or How to check the oil level in the engine?

How to Check the Oil Level Engine

There are different cases, for example: you are going to buy a car and want to check the engine – you need to check the oil quality and the oil level in the engine for this. This is one of the must-have rules that must not be remember.

Before checking the engine oil level, the vehicle must be park on a level surface. Checking the engine oil level is doing before starting the engine for the first time. Then the all oil is in the crankcase.

If you check the oil level with the engine warm, oil will still drain from the parts. If you overflow oil above the maximum level, the crankshaft in the engine will catch oil in the engine, fog will form, which also adversely affects its operation. All due to the fact that oil will enter the cylinders through the crankcase ventilation system.


How to measure the oil level in the engine?

  • Remove the oil level indicator (oil ruler or dipstick), wipe it with a clean cloth so that the marks are visible.
  • Insert the dipstick all the way into the engine.
  • Count to three and take out. You should see the oil level as a wet line between the min and max.

If you see the oil level below the min mark, add oil. Carefully monitor the oil level in the engine, its service life depends on it. An oil pressure sensor will signaled you if the engine does not have enough oil pressure.

What is the Best Engine Oil Level?

It is best to keep the oil level between the Min and Max marks, somewhere in the middle.

Good luck with your engine oil level measurement!

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