Engine Overhaul

Engine Overhaul

Engine is one of the most important parts of the car. Every car owner time by time faces with the engine malfunction, which can be reason of engine overhaul repair or buy a new engine. If we can`t do overhaul engine DIY, we need help of car services.

The most work on the overhaul of the car engine begins with the diagnosis of the engine. Repair work of gasoline and diesel engines of modern car is possible only with using modern equipment and qualified personnel. You will save yourself from many problems if you choose the right car service.

Overhaul of car engines should be carry at specialized service stations. Experienced specialists in the repair of internal combustion engines will be able to take on virtually any car for repair and maintenance.

Engine repair without engine removal from the car

The first step before engine overhaul you need to carry out a defect in engine parts. However, there is a list of repair operations that doing without removing the engine.

The first you need wash of the engine compartment and a wash of the engine. The engine is clean so as not to contaminate the internal parts of the engine.

If you decide to replace the engine gasket, (replacement of the engine gasket is carry out in case of leakage of oil or coolant).

Engine repair work without removing the engine:

  • Engine oil pan gasket replacing;
  • Cylinder head replacing or cylinder head repair;
  • Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets replacing;
  • Crankshaft seal replacing.

You can do the following repairs of engine components without removing the engine:

  • Water pump repair;
  • Starter repair;  
  • Repair of the ignition distributor;
  • Repair of the generator;
  • Repair of the fuel pump;
  • Carburetor repair;
  • Repair of the cylinder head;
  • Repair of the valve mechanism.
  • Engine Overhaul reason

How can we understand wheather engine overhaul right? To decide on a major overhaul of the engine, a large number of indicators must be analyze.
Many motorists mistakenly believe that if there is a large mileage of the car, then there is a need for major repairs of the engine, but this is not always the case, similarly low mileage cannot speak of eliminating the need for major repairs of the engine. The engine life is greatly affects by proper operation and timely maintenance. Delayed maintenance can significantly reduce the life of the engine.

Signs of engine wear

Such sign as an increase in oil consumption is a piston ring wear symptoms and valve guides wear symptoms (before making such conclusions, be sure to check the engine systems for engine oil leaks).  

The next step in engine diagnostics will be to measure compression in the engine cylinders, and to check the tightness of the combustion chambers.

The set of signs of increased engine wear, such as loss of engine power, uneven engine operation, increased noise, increased fuel and oil consumption indicate the need for major engine repairs.

Engine Overhaul involves the restoration of engine parts to the technical condition indicated in the technical specifications of the new engine.

Engine Overhaul consists of number of technological operations:

  • Cylinder block boring
  • Replacement of piston rings;
  • Honing engine cylinders;
  • Installation of new pistons;
  • Crankshaft Grinding.
  • Cylinder Head grinding

Overhaul gives a new life to your engine and brings its technical characteristics to nominal characteristics.

Overhaul may take 2-3 weeks, since it may take a lot of time to repair and restore parts (grinding, boring).

In advance, you need to determine the list of ongoing repairs and take care of the availability of special equipment and tools. The presence of special devices that can greatly facilitate the repair of the engine may be very important for overhauls. Check for all necessary parts.

The most expensive engine part is the cylinder block. The diagnosis of the cylinder block is a determining factor for the overhaul. There is an alternative here – to restore the cylinder block or buy a cylinder block. This problem must be solve after a thorough check of the engine block.