What are the major components of starting system

Starting system provides an engine start in time. So it is very important to save the working abilities of this system.  We are going to discuss about what is the major components of starting system?

Major components of starting system

The starting system includes all these components:

major components of starting system
  • the battery;
  • starter motor;
  • solenoid;
  • ignition switch;
  • starter relay.

Each of these elements providing stability and quality of starting system working. Failure of any component of the starting system will result in you not being able to start the engine.

What are the signs of bad starting system?

The main sign of bad starting system we see when engine does not start. You can see when:

  • Starter switch on, but relay does not switch;
  • Relay turn on, but starter motor armature does not rotate;
  • Starter motor cannot operate at full capacity;
  • Starter motor works, but the crankshaft does not rotate;
  • Increasing noise when turning on the starter;
  • Starter does not work;
  • Starter does not switch off after engine start.

Starting system fault

Most of the starter system problems are caused by worn out or burned solenoid contacts, worn brushes and a commutator and worn armature bushings. In addition, the reason for this problem can be: the drive lever or the drive on the anchor shaft stucking; Fault of traction relay; Bad contacts on the traction relay and others.

Auto Repair Services

When you met with such problems, you need to visit Auto Repair Services or you can read the article How to check the starter.

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