Electric Traction Motor Construction

A traction motor is an electric motor uses for propulsion of an electric car. In addition, the modern electric cars have used systems regenerate energy —providing deceleration as well as increasing overall efficiency by charging the battery pack.

Ok, we will talking about electric traction motor construction and will try to answer the question «How does electric traction motor works».

Types of electric traction motor

Full electric vehicles are equipped with an electric traction motor that can drive the car on pure electric power. There are two main types of electric traction motor:

  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PSM) – the rotation frequencies of the magnetic field of the stator and rotor coincide;
  • Asynchronous Motors (ASM) – the rotation speed of the stator magnetic field is higher than the rotation speed of the rotor.

An electric traction motor is a device that converts electricity into mechanical energy. It works using by the principle of electromagnetic induction. Recently, it has become increasingly popularize in the automotive market as a promising direction in the development of the automotive industry. Therefore, it makes sense to get acquainte with the device of an electric car.

Electric Traction Motor Construction

The electric motor consists of a stator and a rotor. A rotating magnetic field in the stator acts on the rotor winding and the induction current floods in it, so a rotating moment arises, which leads to the movement of the rotor. The electric energy supplies to the motor windings is converting into mechanical energy of rotation.

Electric Traction Motor Construction

These types of electric motors have one task as follows: how to best optimize power density and overall efficiency. This traction motor is suitable for a range of vehicle applications, from medium size passenger cars to light duty commercial vehicles.

Electric Traction Drive System Construction

High power, compact, electric drive package comprises:

  • Three phase permanent magnet synchronous machine;
  • Control electronics;
  • Integrated concentric gearbox.

The powertrain intends for use in electric and hybrid vehicles using a vehicle controller, high voltage battery and other supplementary systems supplied by the customer.

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