How a diesel engine works

Diesel engine is a one of the types of internal combustion engines. The main difference in the operating principle between a petrol and diesel engine is in methods of forming a mixture of fuel and air, ignition and combustion of its. Usually, diesel engines have always been use in trucks, vans or taxis. During a time diesel engines and their injection systems became is more efficient, so many modern cars are equipped diesel engine.

Diesel engine working principle

Many drivers ask: how do diesel engines work? So we answer this question. Diesel engine working principle based on a compression-ignition, i.e. ignition of the fuel is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder from the mechanical compression at the end of compression stroke.

The diffs between petrol and diesel engines

The novices drivers often are interest, – what are the differences between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine? In a gasoline engine a combustible mixture forms in the intake system. Spark plugs ignite the combustible mixture at the cylinder forcibly.

In a diesel engine, air and fuel are delivered to cylinders separately. First, air enters the cylinders. Then, at the end of the compression stroke, the air temperature is up to 800 degrees, so when diesel fuel is injected into the cylinders, self-ignition occurs. Electric ignition system is not needed.

You can ask: how diesel injection works? Air-fuel mixing in diesel occurs in a very short period of time. The diesel fuel supplied under high pressure to the cylinder with sprayed into small particles by the nozzle, providing complete and fast combustion of the combustible mixture.

What are the advantages of diesel engines?

Advantages of diesel engines over petrol engines: 

  • lower running cost;
  • the greater efficiency;
  • lower price of diesel fuel;
  • longer service intervals. 

Disadvantages of a diesel engine:

  • increased noise and vibrations;
  • low power;
  • cold start problem;
  • problems with winter diesel fuel.

How a diesel engine works

In diesel inseparable combustion chambers are used. The combustion chamber has one volume limited by the piston bottom 3. The combustion chamber has one volume limited by the piston bottom, engine head and cylinder walls.

How a diesel engine works

The combustion chambers have special form for best combustion mixture mixing. The recess 1 of the piston bottom contributes to the creation of a swirling movement of air. The nozzle 2 injects finely atomized fuel through several holes. These are main features of diesel engine working.

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