Suspension Repair

 Suspension Repair

What are the cars parts wear out most often? The main reason the cars` owners apply to an autoservice is for car suspension repairs. It is a fact the car’s suspension experiences great physical and mechanical stress, while driving. The bad roads and improper car operation leads to a quick failure of the suspension parts.

The most popular suspension repair services:

  • hub bearing replacement;
  • shock absorber replacement (shock absorber repair);
  • suspension spring replacement;
  • caliper repair (caliper replacement);
  • shocks and struts replacement.

When does need to repair the suspension? When does a car suspension replacement necessary? Before the repair, it is necessary to diagnose the auto suspension, identify the cause of the malfunction, which will make it possible to carry out a high-quality repair of the suspension and prevent breakdowns that are more complex subsequently.

How to understand that is time to repair the suspension?

  • Vibration on the steering wheel when the car driving on rough roads;
  • A vehicle tilts forward when braking;
  • Rocking the car while driving;
  • Evasion of the car from the rectilinear motion;
  • Poor driveability;
  • Knocking and excess noise from the suspension;
  • Fast and uneven tire wear;
  • Front suspension repair.

Most modern cars have independent front suspension. Such suspension is most manageable designs. The most common failure of an independent suspension is wear out of the upper bearing.

Suspension on double wishbones is also common, which provide optimal camber and a low bonnet line. Repair work of such suspensions consists in restoring the connection of the body with levers and reinforcing the ball joints. Rear suspension repair

Rear suspensions is devided on three types:

Rear suspension repair includes:

  • Replacing the rear shock absorbers;
  • Replacing stabilizer struts;
  • Replacing stabilizer bushings;
  • Replacement of silent blocks.

Suspension Repair Cost

How much a suspension repair costs? What affects the cost of repairing a suspension?

The main criteria by which the cost of repair work to restore the suspension is estimated includes: the amount of work, the complexity of the design of the suspension of the car, the urgency of repair.

truck suspension repair

Shock absorbers or struts replacement of the suspension system will cost nearby $150-$1,300 for an average cars or $1,500-$6,000 for luxury cars or vehicles with difficult access or heavy rust. You can save much money if you will do-it-DIY. So the costs for replacement of shocks or struts averages $150-$200.