How Do Battery Electric Cars Work?

Battery electric car

How Do Battery Electric Cars Work?

Basic battery construction

Battery electric vehicles use electricity to power an electric motor and turn the wheels. The electricity is stored in a special battery pack. The batteries are recharged from grid electricity, using a wall outlet or charging unit. They run powered entirely by electricity, so battery electric cars and trucks are considered “all-electric” vehicles.

BEVs don`t have tailpipe, so they don`t produce tailpipe pollution. Electric Vehicles used source like wind or solar are virtually emission-free. Battery Electric cars are really cheaper to fuel than conventional vehicles. You can save over 1 thousand dollars annually.

Battery Electric cars

Battery electric cars can be significantly cleaner than gas-powered vehicles, because they run entirely on electricity.

Electric motors are more efficient than gasoline engines. Because Battery electrics vehicle features minimize wasted energy when idle off and braking.  It`s enough to connect 240-volt outlet to Battery electric cars for recharge a vehicle overnight. Fully-charged battery electric cars have a driving range near 100 miles, well within the day-to-day range needs of most Americans. 

One of the most popular electric Vehicle in Europe is Renault Kangoo Z.E. .

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