Why a car does not start?

Very often motorists are faced with this problem in the winter season. As a rule, the driver gets into the car, then starts the engine with the ignition key, the starter will turn it several times and the engine will not start.


There may be several reasons why the car does not start: firstly, “the starter may be faulty”, secondly, “the problem may lie in the battery itself”, and thirdly, “the generator does not generate enough energy to charge the battery”, because of which the latter is quickly discharged.

Battery problems  

If your car does not start, battery wear may well be the cause. The average battery life is from 3 to 5 years of operation. The manifestation of this problem in winter is due to the fact that at low temperatures, the battery loses charge much faster. It can also be said that the shorter the trip, the less the battery charges from the generator (this can also cause the battery to discharge). If the battery life comes to three years, you should already think about replacing it.

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8 reasons why a car might not start:

• Lack of fuel;

• Malfunctions of the fuel system;

• Starter malfunction;

 • The battery is discharged (battery wear, undercharging from the generator);

• Problems with spark plugs;

• Ignition system malfunction;

• Sensor failure;

• Alarm failure.

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  1. My headlights switched on wen I try to start it doesn’t pick up no Alarm light on cluster

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