Truck Suspension types

Truck Suspension Construction

Truck Suspension is the suspension system which allows relative between both a truck frame and wheels. A suspension system provides a number of tasks like as stabilization, cushioning, road holding, road handling and ride quality. Truck`s Suspension consists of tires, springs, spring leafs, shock absorbers and linkages. Here is more information about Truck Anatomy.

Truck Suspension Parts

Truck Suspension Parts
Truck Suspension Parts

If the someone driver knows something about car suspension, it don`t means that he may know everything about truck suspension. What is the difference truck suspension? If you want to understand it, read next information about truck suspension types and their construction.

Truck Suspension types

There are four main types of Trucks` suspensions:

Leaf spring Suspension
  1. Leaf spring – is the form of spring used for suspension in Trucks (can be referred to as a semi-elliptical spring);
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  • Leaf Spring Construction.

2. Torsion bar is a type of suspension which uses a torsion bar as its main weight bearing spring;

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Torsion bar suspension

3. Equalizer beam – connects the suspension of two or more adjacent axles of a vehicle with more than two axles;

4. Air spring Suspension – uses pressurized air, which raises the chassis from the axle by pressure.

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