Car structure

The car, in its structure, seems very complicated, but in fact, an ordinary person assembled the car. Therefore, do not be scared in advance of the vehicle. This article about the structure of the car for beginners will simply and affordable show you the principle of operation and the structure of the car.

Car structure

The car is made up of several main parts: car body, engine and chassis.

The car body is the most expensive car part, and rightfully belongs to the most expensive car parts.

Without a chassis, the car also will not go anywhere, because it is based on the transmission chassis and control mechanisms.

And the engine can be compared with the heart, without which the car is only a wagon with a small house.

The structure of the car transmission for beginners:

The transmission is composed of the following basic mechanisms: gearbox, clutch, final drive, cardan gear, differential, half shafts. All these transmission mechanisms are used to transmit torque from the engine to the wheels.

The structure of the chassis of the car for beginners:

The undercarriage of a car is the part of the car that is responsible for its mobility. The chassis is made up of suspension and wheels.

Car body structure for beginners: The car body can serve both to accommodate passengers in cars, and to transport goods in trucks. The body structure of a car includes an energy absorber, spars and bumpers. To start the car is used:

Starter is an electric motor that is designed to start the internal combustion engine. After turning the ignition key, the starting current from the battery is supplied to the starter winding.

The crankshaft torque is transmitted to the drive wheels through the transmission elements.

The structure of the car engine for beginners can be divided into two mechanisms (crank mechanism, gas distribution mechanism) and 5 systems (starting system, power system, ignition system, cooling system, lubrication system).

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