Car repair DIY

Car repair DIY

Every car is a complete assembly of thousands parts and components. Perfomance of your car depends of them operabilities. Even the smallest disorder of any part or unit can bring your car to a complete halt. This is not going to be fine. Of course, car repair problem is something nobody wants. But, sometimes, auto parts can wear out and fail. Also any vehicles require basic amount of maintenance (for example oil changes or other work liquids, tires changes, new brake linings changes and so on).

The main purpose of category “DIY Car Repair” is to provide information that can help you diagnose, understand automotive problems and find decide it so give you the best repair approach.

If you choosen to do the car repairs yourself, you must be able to diagnose car. You need some special instruments to do it.

At the end, if you decided to take your car to a repair shop, the first it wiil be good to learn as much as possible about any car repairs and car breakdowns that might be occur.

How to repair a car

How to repair a car DIY– this is a section that describes everything related to the repair of a car, engine, aggregates, mechanisms and systems.

In order to learn how to repair a car, it is necessary to study the technology of repairing units and mechanisms of a car, where the sequence of performing the necessary repair work is clearly and alternately painted. The operation of the car over time leads to wear of its units and mechanisms. It contributes to the rapid deterioration of car parts: improper operation of the vehicle, operation of the car at high speeds, driving on bad roads, improper maintenance of the car and aggressive driving style.


1. Car suspension repair

Car suspension repair

The most susceptible to wear and damage due to the influence of poor road surface is the undercarriage of the car. All shocks and efforts are transmitted to the chassis of the car when driving the car. Any damage to the chassis can lead to an emergency on the road.

2. Car engine repair

The quality of engine repair depends on many factors, the main of which are: trained specialists, engine diagnostics, quality equipment and spare parts.

Car engine repair

Overhaul of the car engine – the car engine has its own working life and after a certain mileage, there comes a time when various noises, knocks appear in the engine, oil consumption increases, bluish smoke comes from the exhaust pipe and the whole engine is unstable. Here you will learn how to determine the condition of the engine and how to do an overhaul DIY.
Repair of the cylinder head truck – the procedure for repairing the cylinder head of the truck automobile. The basic techniques of dismantling and assembly work. Equipment and tools for repairing the cylinder head. Replacement of sleeves and parts of the connecting rod and piston group of the truck engine.

How to change the piston rings of a car engine – piston rings ensure tightness between the cylinder liner and the piston, and also remove heat from the piston head and prevent lubricant from entering the combustion chamber. A set of piston rings consists of several compression rings, most often two and one oil scraper.

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3. Car body repair

The car body is the main and most expensive part of the car on which its durability primarily depends. Body repairs should be carried out by qualified specialists using high-tech equipment, as this in turn affects not only the condition of the car, but also traffic safety.

How to repair car thresholds – usually the thresholds are welded to the base of the body and form the lower part of the body. Some types of vehicles have removable sills and attach them to the base of the body. Thresholds are placed on the outer and lateral sides of the side members in the cockpit area, forming a protection against various emissions and weak impacts.

Extraction of dents – before pulling a dent of a part, first preliminary preparation of the surface of the deformed part is carried out. How to extract the dents yourself.

Painting and repair of a car body – the technology of painting a car is a very complex and time-consuming process in which a positive and high-quality result can be achieved only by observing the required technologies and having experience in this matter. How to paint a car yourself.

4. Car transmission repair

A car’s transmission is responsible for transmitting torque from the engine to the wheels and consists of complex mechanisms, the repair of which is time-consuming and expensive. It is almost impossible to repair one of the transmission mechanisms on its own. This requires special equipment, knowledge and great skills.

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5. Car electrical repair